Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

Doreen Kabareebe hits 1-Million Insta Followers

Doreen Kabareebe is one of our favourites interms of contributing to local Creativity and entertainment industry in Uganda. At the Kampala Gossip, we have always made it a habit to write about her work and post it simply because she’s always different and does unique content no doubt about that. The surprising news is that her uniqueness has made her aname already. Yesterday she was able to hit One Million Followers on Instagram

and this is a milestone you cannot fail to mention for that matter. We have been able as well to capture some of her Biography below;

Doreen Kabareebe (born December 25, 1990), is a Ugandan fashion model, socialite, branding coach, and philanthropist. Doreen contested in different beauty pageants including that of Miss Uganda in 2010.

Doreen Kabareebe studied at Entebbe Kindergarten, Lakeside Academy for her primary, Bweranyange Girls School for both “O” and “A” levels and in 2012 graduated from Nkumba University with a bachelor’s degree in Public Administration as well as a Master of Arts in International Relations and Diplomacy in 2016 from Nkumba university.

She was awarded Miss Uganda World International 2020 title on August 24th, 2020 as she beat other delegates from East African Countries hands down through an online competition to represent East Africa at the Ms world international beauty pageant which was held in Miami Florida between August 8th-11th, 2021.

Body connectivity with nature

One of the reason she says why her fan base has grown drastically is because her Creativity is so unique and independent. A few socialites would do what she does and she’s very much proud of it. Doreen is also so social and not proud, she says she’s always hanging out with any celebrity that’s Willing to move out with her be it interview or partying. Her work is normally body shaping in

Doreen’s Unique Work

combination with nature and how God created both of us with that deep connectivity. These are some of the attributes her fanbase has grown at speed 100. & she’s generally not proud. Many times we write about her here at TKG and happen to tag her name, she quickly responds with a comment or a simple like button. One of the reasons local Artists fail to succeed is pride and think they have made it in life. They tend to forget that it is the fanbase that makes them and the same thst can fail them in just a blink. At one point, we wrote Artists who ain’t proud are most likely to succeed. You saw Comedian Publo from a very humble beginning, Teacher Mpamire, Naira Ali and the rest. These guys profile is skyrocketing everyday.

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