Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

D Onyango Saves 5 Penalties Awarded 1.9M UGX

D Onyango Saves 5 Penalties Awarded 1.9M Uganda Shillings by MTN South Africa for being Man of the Match

It even looks and heard awkward to see the mighty Denis Onyango not on the

D Onyango Saves 5Penalties Awarded 1.9M UGX
D Onyango Saves 5 Penalties Awarded 1.9M UGX

National team football Uganda Cranes simply because one felt he had served long

And therefore he should retire National football but the amount of talent and hardwork

Captain Denis displays is not just for a National football team but a general talent that guy’s got

And that shouldn’t not be taken forgranted by anyone, any leader not even Denis himself

It is this weekend when the whole World realised that you can fight your administration’s criteria

Fight your fellow commettees but you cannot fight someone’s talent or natural gift.

Denis Onyango during an interview and on how he save his team Sundown

If Denis Onyango is not playing for the National team currently then he should be Coaching

Because he loves it. It is in his blood. The talent in him alone is so Ugandan to tell

The last weekend elevated the eyes of the whole soccer fraternity to the kind of talent & spirit Denis Onyango posesses

It is and was insane to watch Denis at Mamelody Sundown tell the whole world

That i am the Goalkeeper your team Arsenal or Manchester United or PSG wants not just a Ugandan

D Onyango Saves 5 Penalties Awarded 1.9M Uganda Shillings to lift the trophy for his team Sundown

But a row talent and natural one. It is me. If there’s anyother time for the foreign

Or English Premier league to chose a Ugandan talent, then its this verytime.

And its not just Denis alone. Uganda’s got talent be it Soccer, Music, Athletics, Boxing name it.

Its high time the International soccer community look into Africa particularly Uganda

There’s alot more here than even what our boy Denis Onyango displayed in the last days alone

The Bebe Cools of today, the likes of Amos Wekesa already are grooming ready and young

Soccer talents, Sports talents. The international sports bodies should immediately

Come to Uganda, Africa. And to Denis Onyango, we pray for him. We wish him nothing but luck

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