Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

Benon Mugumbya C.E.O. Swangz Avenue secretly starts another brand new Company

Benon Mugumbya the C.E.O, Producer & Owner at the Top City’s Music Record label Swangz Avenue has finally opened another Business Company alongside Swangz.

The Company with the names Ghetto Africa is intended to nature talents, Inspire Youth but also bring new fashions to the World, Africa, and Uganda.

This idea according to the recent interactions with the Director himself said came amidst this season of lockdown where the C.E.O thought he needed to venture more into the clothing business since he does deal more with Artwork and Industry.

Above are some of the photos that show some of the Orders he had placed and being delivered to Uganda at their base at Swangz.

The Producer is commonly known for his single “I Know & Hope” which has actually been in the Entertainment Industry and has supported it for years now.

At TKG we’re glad to mention him as our work is to promote Uganda’s Artwork as well as Shine the light on those that contribute to it.

Mugumbya has coauthored in different clicks, videos, and audio. He is best known as a Producer, Singer, and Director.

Some of the big music videos that he has produced and directed include;

  1. Michael Ross’s Work
  2. Juliana Kanyomozi
  3. Aziz Azion
  4. Maurice Kirya
  5. Vampos
  6. Radio & Weasel a.k.a
  7. Goodlife
  8. Cindy
  9. G.N.L Zamba
  10. Vinka
  11. Sheebah Kalungi
  12. Chandiru
  13. Blu*3
  14. Obsessions
  15. Vinka and the list goes on and on.
Benon and Azawi

Mugumbya’s contribution to Uganda’s Entertainment Industry cannot go unmentioned. At the TKG, we shine the light on his Contribution

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