Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

Bebe Cool Praises Chameleone’s Kids

Bebe Cool Praises Chameleone’s kids in broad daylight.

According to the Singer, No one should attack our families. No one should involve

Our Wives or Children in anything. You can professionally engage us as Muscians

Bebe Cool Praises Chameleone's kids in broad daylight
Bebe Cool Praises Chameleone’s kids Bobi Wine’s in broad daylight

But there are no gone areas please. Don’t do anything to Wife Zuena. Don’t involve my Children

Don’t talk about Jose chameleone’s kids or his whole family. Why would you dare?

If anything comes up against Chameleone’s kids or family,  I’ll stand firm against it seriously

Bebe Cool Praises Chameleone's kids in broad daylight
Bebe Cool Praises Chameleone’s kids in broad daylight

Samething with my own family. Please don’t dare. We can agree and disagree with Bobi Wine or Josey

But we don’t let anything come between our families. I’ll stand anything

Bebe Cool and his family

Against any attack on my brother’s family Bobi Wine or Josey at anytime in life.

The singer went ahead to show how proud he has become over the past years of his brother Chameleone

Chameleone over his transition and remaining relevant to both fans and authority

On Music, the singer emphasized their history and journey eversince they met and focused on Music

Bebe Cool stated how their history has been a strong background for whatever they have achieved now.

He further mentioned that he has learnt alot from both Bobi Wine and Chameleone

I guess you guys have done the same to me. Because our life’s achievements strongly

Rely on how we met and how we have always remained focused as Muscians but also brothers

Bebe Cool also talked about his plans with his Son Alpha. Intentions to see him

Alpha Thierry and Daughter. Bebe Cool’s Kids

Play in English Premier league,  Italy or Spain or even France.

He says when that time comes he will be on plane 24/7 to support his child no matter what

He advised Jose to give some focus to his kid’s talents and to let hem be

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