Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
Balaam Visits His grand's tombs to seek Blessings

Balaam Visits His grand's tombs to seek Blessings

Balaam Visits His grand’s Tombs to seek Blessings

Balaam Visists his brand’s tombs to seek Blessings

Balaam Barugahara Visits His great grand parents tombs in Bunyoro to seek Blessings

Balaam Visits His grand's tombs to seek Blessings
Balaam Visits His grand’s tombs to seek Blessings

Balaam has run to his Facebook page yesterday to inform the public how he had

Travelled to Bunyoro for blessings during this trying period of political and economic trial

The trying period of COVID19 outbreak not just in Uganda but globally

According to him ” I happened to Visit Bunyoro At Mparo Royal Resting Ground Paying Maximum Respect & Seeking more Blessings & Wisdom from Our Great Great Great GrandFather Rukirabasaija Entale Ya Bunyoro Kitara Empire Founder of Resistence to Colonialism / Imperialism in Africa Omukama Chwa 11 Kabalega The Greatest of All timss (1869 -1899 ) . Hangiriza Agutamba Entale Ya Bunyoro Kitara”.

According to African traditional society, it is right to always seek greay grand parent’s blessings

And that can only be done on the barial grounds

Balaam Visits His grand’s tombs to seek Blessings.

Balaam Barugahara was born on 28th July 1979 in Mbarara hospital and he is a Munyoro by the tribe from Masindi District.

His father is the late Akiiki Byenkya Balaam who is the father and he passed away in 1991 when Balaam was still a young boy.

Balaam attended Namasaggali College for his Secondary education , he atrained Bachelors of Commerce at Makerere University before Cavendish University Uganda for his Masters in Business Administration majoring in Marketing.

Balaam is the founder of Balaam Marketing and Promotions Agency Ltd a company dealing in organizing events like concerts, weddings and political rallies, he is also the founder and managing director of Radio one 87.9FM a Juba based FM Radio in South Sudan.

Balaam Barugahara bought the former Juice FM from Redpepper Publications currently Radio 04,  based in Ntinda, Kampala Uganda.

He is the leading partner in the Best Water Factory, a bottled water processing company in South Sudan.

Balaam’s investiment in South Sudan is estimated at $7 Million which is roughly UGX 26 Billion.

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