Thu. Oct 5th, 2023

Bad Black now brand ambassador Victoria Uni

Bad Black is now the New brand ambassador Victoria University. Today Bad Black a.k.a Shanita Namuyimbwa has come openly through her social media page to announce the new deal which she earlier today signed.

According to Bad Black, the University Chancellor Dr. Lawrence Muganga assured her of the deal and on it she was given FULL Scholarships for all of her Children to studyth from Victoria University.

The Kampala socialite added she couldn’t express the kind of happiness she exhibits or exhibited after she penned down the contract. She expressed she never attended any school but only crossed from Masaka to Kampala to fetch all the blessings.

The Kampala’s Socialite made fan out of this where she said what kind of English is she going to speak while addressing Victoria University students.

Bad Black now New brand ambassador Victoria University

No one can tell the Politics the University’s administration has played to put Bad Black now brand ambassador Victoria University but certain things are very much possible especially here in Uganda. The other way marketing your institutions is to find a common figure person and talk to sell your institution’s products whether educated or not.

This is what exactly VictoriaUniversity did. Shanita has been around and pretty much unemployed and perhaps thats why she won herself such an outstandingposition even she does not meet the standards of the education status and lever.

It is said that Bad Black has lately been having land rangles with comedian Patrick Salvador over land titles and ownership but to have such a good deal at this time can really be a good timing for her. During her interview with local Galaxy fm You Tube channel, Bad Black narrated how she had ran bankrupt. She said local men had tookoff with her money till they left her broke. She said Ugandan Men are very dangerous, once they study you have money, they’ll forge away forward to hook you.

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