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Amos Wekesa is being accused of hijacking Sarah’s Sponsor to his Great lakes tour Company for matters of tourism.

A lot of netizens are expressing their opinions about His move to Use Khalid Al Ameri for tourism purposes yet he had come purposely to attend the Wedding of Sarah.

Amos Wekesa’s response to social media netizens

I actually first heard about Khalid through an Ondaba forum put together by @Belinda Namutebi – Ondaba. Shifa and Prossie OweBuddu .

They were suggesting I offer a safari as a way of showcasing Uganda Since he :

I got busy and didn’t even follow up until a young man called Kyambadde Enock kept requesting an appointment to meet up. I used to see him on Facebook! Always sounds brilliant.

When I finally got time, he told me, he had followed Khalid for many years now and when he realized he was coming to Uganda, he looked for his assistant. He got pictures of Uganda online and sent him. Good pictures!

Then he asked me if I could offer a free 3 days safari because that would help Uganda’s image. I said why not but how many are they? 9 people. I was like this would cost us over 20m but accepted to think about it being covid time.

I linked him up with Paul Kasami and Fiona. I asked them to find Sarah and understand who Sarah was and she was invited to our offices. I was busy I missed seeing her but they arranged a program according to her wedding.

Anyways, UTB then told me they had tried to link up with them but had failed. I told them Enock had managed to convince them for a Safari and we had offered a trip and the Uganda tourism board asked to join in. I said, why not? It’s about Uganda.

Great lakes safaris team, Enock, Uganda tourism board got working while consulting with me on phone. They requested me to be at the airport. I had my own business plans but ya, I canceled.

We( Enock and I) drove to Sarah’s home and picked her up. Going to the airport was stressful because we had been stuck in jam. I don’t like arriving late for anything I say yes to. I was working while we drove to the airport so I didn’t talk to Sarah a lot.

Yap, Tuesday was my first time to meet Sarah and Khalid. Khalid said, he had watched my videos online and was excited about them. We did press stuff and they took off. Sarah had many interviews but I waited for her. I wanted to know about her.

Anyhow, while driving back we started a conversation. I loved Sarah’s thinking. She wasn’t taken up by the hype. She said when Khalid did a video many people said I was conning them. I told people can talk all they want. Pay attention to what’s important.

I asked her if she was working, she said no. I asked her what her plans were. I realized she needed my advice. I asked what she was good at. She said she could cook, cook what, I asked? She explained. I told her your personal growth is her responsibility but leverage on the relationship you have with Khalid.

I explained to her how things work and I could see her excited. I asked about her social media page. She explained how it’s starting to grow. I was excited for her and told her how to position herself.

While people are excited about the wedding, Sarah knows she has a life after the wedding. I told her to market herself as a person who can cook Arab foods. I told her, if we get Arab tourists, we can work out a deal. So she cooks for them. You reading, you can support her by giving her a chance to cook for functions.

Claire of the Uganda tourism board and I spoke about how we can engage Khalid for Uganda more than just a wedding. If we manage to do that, Sarah can leverage that relationship.

Social Media netizens reacting to Amos Wekesa’s Post about Khalid Al Ameri’s visit to Uganda


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