Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

Amixture of Katogo & Meat at Nbs after5

Amixture of Katogo & Meat at Nbs after5 has been a new terminology in Kampala after

Kampala’s mighty Next Media hired Sheilah Gashumba at Nbs to join the mighty

amixture of Katogo & Meat at Nbs after5
Sheilah Gashumba at Nbs after5

Nbs after5 that already has stars, the likes of Mc Kats, Dvj Mercy, Dauglas Lwanga and the rest

There has been alot of downgrading to what happened at Nbs last week when the CEO Next Media

Kin Kariisa decided to appoint Kampala’s Socialite and former TV Personality

Sheilah Gashumba to come join Nbs and in this case the Nbs after5 which is already full of what

Kampalians would want to keep watching. But to add another star who equally represents

What’s already represented is one or two steps ahead of killing your own show

What you’d call digging your own grave and deciding on which day or date to die or be barried

The criticism and concern have been raised and showcased by a one Mushijamukulu M. Kimbugwe

On Social media who highlighted why and how you’d a kill ashow that has been Kampala’s

Favourite watch of the evening hours of returning home after or sitting room watch rest hours show

To one of the most boring show that comprises everybody that knows what to do

A show full of all stars and a confusion of what and who to watch is a show you’d

Completely fail to focus on and eventually it becomes a no go zone show

According to Mushijamukulu M Kimbugwe who started this conversation

Amixture of Katogo & Meat at Nbs after5
Amixture of Katogo & Meat at Nbs after5 according to Fans reaction

“When I posted this photo earlier, a lot of people mistakenly thought the post was about Sheilah Gashumba.
Far from it. I actually think she adds some temporary value to the show.

The post was about the whole show!
In Runyankore, there’s something called Bugubugu, the kind of flame you get when you put paper on fire. It doesn’t last and you have to keep adding paper! That is not sustainable, compared to the flame wood gives you.

On record TV Katogo, Douglas was wood.
On After 5, you just have to keep adding paper!”

What he termed as RUNNING OUT OF IDEAS by the appointing Authorities.

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