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Akiiki Romeo the Legend you didn’t know

AKIIKI ROMEO the Legend you didn’t know & his MUSIC CAREER.

Akiiki Romeo the Legend you didn’tknow

Akiiki Romeo was one of the Kitara’s finest whose vocal style of singing reminds one of the greatest in the region and Uganda at large. The soothing whispers of the sea birds or snakes you listen to in lonely places say Bitches or lakeshores rings the bells of the kind of Music and the singing style Akiiki Romeo exhibited in 1990s.

Akiiki Romeo the Legend you didn’t know

His rare style was a combination of different Genres that this generation needs a replication of sorts for a rebirth of true talent for his was a sweet blend of the traditional folk style of singing, contemporary and Jazz. His rhetorical genre in his single Garuka was one when you listen to it, you never turn back;

Akiiki Romeo the Legend with his son
Akiiki Romeo the Legend you didn’t know  & Wife

Romeo is a Munyoro from Hoima who is believed to be in his 40s, Married with 5 siblings and a beautiful and peaciful wife. Recently his Daughter graduated from the University. Akiiki Romeo having started performing as an artist in 1989. He then joined the school of music at Makerere University it is from there that in 1994 released his first solo Album. He performed with the Badindaz band from 1994 to 1995 and then joined KADS band in 2001. In 2003 with his hit song “No Parking,” he won the Pearl of Africa Music Awards for the best live band single. He has a big deal of craft to his name including Garuka, Ndoota Iwe, Kankulinde, Genda mpora, Byeebere among others.

He is also worked with Voice of Tooro Radio one of the oldest radio stations in Uganda and the likes of Capital Fm in early years of 1999 and 2000. He is a living legend, hapily married and today he’s involved in different businesses but also help to support her daughter.

Akiiki Romeo the Legend ‘s daughter
Daughter’s business

at TKG, we celebrate his contribution to the Kitara and Uganda Music at large.


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