Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

A Ugandan girl in Massachusetts who married her fellow girlfriend

Deyonce & her family relative

Pricenss Deyonce a Ugandan born now  US Citizen has officially married her fellow girlfriend, the love of her life.

The amazing young lady is in her full plans to fully change her physical status to that of a Man.

Deyonce & her Wifey

Looking at her lifestyles and future plans, her physical appearances have started changing process by process, she’s now investing in in changing real names plus having an artificial Penis inserted into her body to fulfil her life desires and dreams of becoming real Male.

Princess Deyonce

Accordingto the News desk here at TKG, Deyonce has fully gotten the level of wealth that she has always desired to have as you can see in the pictures. She says she’s happy she can now live a happy life she has never lived while in Africa. She’s in fully planning to legalize every document that’s required.

Deyonce at her flamboyant residence

According to our sources, the Princess so far is grown-up Muscles to enable look a man but also be able to perform physically like any Male. In her statements she kept on Mentioning how her former life has been misery only pretending to be happy she actually wasn’t. She can’t look back especially the life she lived while in Africa.

Deyonce is currently in the State’s city of Massachusetts from where she has made a lolot of Money and comfortably now living happily. A few years back she happened to meet the love of her life and ealier last month, they decided to make it official according to sources.

She advises girls back in Africa to live their lives no matter what. They should not be intimidated by African culture and what not. The World has moved from that kind of oppression. She showed how in America the law is very clear and doesn’t segregate.

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