Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

A Ugandan Female Kickboxer Wins Another belt

A Ugandan Female Kickboxer Wins Another Belt lifts Uganda once again. PATRICIA Apolot Wins a Championship Belt Tittle

A Ugandan Female Kickboxer Wins Another Belt
A Ugandan Female Kickboxer Wins Another Belt

While the rest if her team won Bronze medal and Silver.

Such activities are not mentioned by Media houses but at The Kampala Gossip we do.

And Patricia Apolot has been an amazing female in as far this event is concerned

It is a sport in Uganda that has been neglected 100%

And i have watched Apolot from her days of starting to become much active up to now.

I don’t know whether the government of Uganda sponsors her sport and preparations

PATRICIA Apolot Wins Another Championship Belt
PATRICIA Apolot Maintains her tittle

Or she has a private Sponsor & whatever it is that she has. She has been so amazing from day one

She has not given up. We take this opportunity to always highlight her engagement on the game.

Actually we have watched her from the days when she was hosted a National Radio Station.

If there’s something that Uganda should focus on it is sports and Tourism

The Country should be able to Rip more and much than it currently does

Imagine Patricia Apolot travelled to Egypt for these games with about 5 sports personalities

And No media house is yapping about this yet. All have won medals or belts or whatever that it is

Seeing Patricia deliver her Message back home from her win, the way she presents her Country

The way she loves her Country and fans that she says support her really deserves any support

PATRICIA Apolot mentioned how COVID19 testing costed them $135 per person yet they didn’t even have

Much Pocket Money. Hopefully Government interves today or nexttime.

Because this should not be happening in this Country.

Any responsible leader outthere reading this or that can reach out to Patricia and help especially and publicity

If Steven Kiprotic or Chemutai or Cheptegei were given cars why not Apolot


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